Lumber Liquidators Credit Card Review
Oct 11, 2023 By Triston Martin

Are you someone who is planning to refurnish the flooring within their homes and plan on buying products through Lumber Liquidators? We understand that purchasing products in bulk can be expensive, no matter how good the sales amount any company offers.

Hence, to ensure that you can get the best flooring or lumber products through the company without emptying your pocket, make use of the lumber Liquidators credit card. Need to know what it is? Well, we have a detailed review about it covered for you below.

Lumber Liquidators Credit Card – What is it?

If you have heard about lumber Liquidators credit cards but did not know much about it. Then, we are sure the primary reason why you landed here is to gain more insightful information and detailed reviews on it. Well, lucky for you, this is precisely what we have listed.

The Lumber Liquidators Credit Card is a store card issued by the Synchrony Bank. The card provides users access to several discounts on the Lumber Liquidators stores. The best part? It is perfect for those searching for a low-maintenance card that offers the benefit of a credit card without any annual fee in return.

Important Card Details You Should Know About the Lumber Liquidators Credit Card

All sorts of regular, debit, standard, and even credit cards have particular details associated with them. These details describe what the specific card you will use is allowed to provide and what benefits you cannot avail through it. If you plan on purchasing the Lumber Liquidators credit card, you would also want to know some essential card details related to it. Here are a few listed for you:

  1. The Lumber Liquidators credit card provides its users with several discounts and offers.
  2. Synchrony Bank finances the Lumber Liquidators credit card.
  3. Through this credit card, users can avail of interest-free financing for up to a year at Lumber Liquidators .
  4. Users can purchase an Option Security Card that will help them cover several payments and a balance of up to $ 10,000 if certain conditions are met.
  5. Users can manage their accounts online 24/7.

Lumber Liquidators Credit Card Benefits and Drawbacks

There are several benefits that the lumber Liquidators credit card can provide. However, one of its significant perks has got to be the exclusive discounts and offers the cardholders receive. Also, acquiring this credit card will give the users some innovative financing options. What are those?


For instance, if users keep their purchase under $1000, they can qualify for the six-month interest deferred period. This period will benefit them by making minimum monthly payments in return. How cool, right? If your purchase remains within a standard price of $1000-$1999, users can get around a year to pay off the amount with a deferred interest deal, too. Another great benefit of the Lumber Liquidators credit card is how easy it is to avail it. The online application to avail of the card is fast and pretty simple.


This particular credit card has impeccable benefits, but there is one significant drawback that it carries with itself. The Lumber Liquidators credit card holds a 29.99% APR. This is by far the highest APR in any credit card out there. So, if by chance a user gets hit by a deferred interest because they failed to pay off their due amounts or balance, then they might face incredible losses.

How Does Lumber Liquidators compare to Other Similar Cards?

If you need at least half a year or more to fulfill your flooring payments and believe that you can finish paying the balance before any interest kicks in, then this lumber Liquidators card might be the best pick for you. Moreover, these cards are an excellent pick for those who do not have a previous credit history and believe that issuing a regular credit card from the bank can be a hassle. The Lumber Liquidators is a store card and, hence, like another credit card, would not consider your previous credit history.

What is the Recommended Credit Score for this Credit Card?

As mentioned above, the Lumber Liquidators doesn't consider your previous or present credit history. Hence, given it is a store-bought card, this particular credit card would allow you to avail of it even if you have an average to fair credit score. So, you do not have to worry about maintaining a great to excellent level of credit score to apply for the Lumber Liquidators credit card.

How Can You Apply for a Lumber Liquidators Credit Card?

Now that you understand what a lumber Liquidators credit card is and have read a detailed review guide, we are sure you'd plan on applying for one, too. If that is the case and you are wondering how you can do that, then worry not. All you have to do is follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the Lumber Liquidators wesbite online.
  2. A form will be provided. Fill in the form – it would require all your essential information like name, social security number, address, etc.
  3. Re-check your application for accuracy and then submit it.
  4. The Synchrony Bank will then issue the credit cards.


The Lumber Liquidators credit card is one of the best options you can avail if you plan to purchase products in bulk. The deferred interest aspect of this card makes it one of the best picks for several users, as they have almost a year to balance out their payments. If you are someone who wants to learn about the Lumber Liquidators credit card, then this article review was helpful for you.